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With Friends Like These​.​.​.


I'm giving up On searching for something that I don't want to leave behind
This is why we won't make it out of this predicament alive This is why we'll fall to our knees and be to wounded to continue to strive The failures that you made They weren't just mistakes And it makes me sick to my stomach That you never know the right words to say This gut feeling has me questioning the promises you made It's reached the point of suspicion so won't you come clean I don't trust you and I don't believe a single word you say You'll never escape this karma I'll watch you waste your life away This will come back to haunt you
There are some things I wish that I could take back But I'll just let them slide for now When will you see what matters most I'll just sit here like a ghost Why should anyone take your shit You always kept me at the bottom of this pit Your turn to fall now We'll go our own directions But you'll know what matters most If you keep your head up and yourself in tact Maybe one day you can find the life that I have You live your life however you please But that's no way for you to help us keep each other at ease This is the one day I know you'll always regret But you'll just let this go for now I'll always know what matters most This is no time for you to boast So just leave this place Don't even give it any second thoughts at all We'll just leave here You'll forever be stuck Just know I'll always be near As I sit here and watch you waste these precious years away There's no sign around to tell me that you'll be okay If you keep your head up and yourself in tact Maybe one day you can find the life that I have You live your life however you please But that's way for you to help us keep each other at ease You'll never know what it takes to be me But lift your head up and maybe one day you'll take time and see
How pathetic can you be How little can you see We're better off without you now We're moving on You put yourself on a pedestal to raise your self esteem You'll never see our true potential We fell apart at the seam I've got something you'll never have Friends who were there from day one till the end So why do I waste my breath You'll never realize or see any Any of this
Why'd you let anyone and everyone Everyone you knew Take advantage and slip between your thighs knowing you're supposed to be with me Don't you look yourself in the eyes and wonder where you let your life go Down the drain Give it all up now Let's just all move on You're the reason that we failed We never even scratched the surface Of what was truly wrong We should've known everything all along Do you even know what you did Did you ever even try Those nights we spent together Those nights died when you lied Will you ever own up to this Has it even crossed your mind I hope the past comes back to haunt you every time
K.I.Q. 01:16
It's starting to get more tempting To let this all just end It's becoming a constant struggle for us to coexist I'm always treading in constant bullshit without making a sound Trying to be there for everyone but myself Where did we go wrong Along the way we got lost And everyday I know I should be grateful But everyday the distance grows Do you know what it takes to be me Do you know what it takes to face reality
Buckwheat 03:02
This is all my fault I can cover up so well I see every step you take But you're blinded by the fact. You're blinded by the fact that I know what I'm doing There's no way this can end well I won't make a mistake I'll keep this all to myself I can lie like no other I'll make your life a living hell It's survival of the fittest This isn't a joke Where the hell did you go When I needed you most It's the thrill of revenge It's the time we didn't spend When you were all I could think about Now that it's done I will never admit It takes more than one to tear us apart Start the fire Start the fire You'll regret what you have done You've told these lies For the very last time I left you out in the dirt It's time to move on So forget everything Everything we were You brought this all on yourself Start the fire
Maybe one day we'll work things out But for now you have me down for the count And this crippling exhaustion Has made me move with steady caution So we'll turn around And never look back But maybe one day you'll come around I'll never be there for you again You'll never find what you had in other men Hopefully one day you can see how much you can change I'm sick and tired of selling myself short for the sake of everyone but me You blew the one last chance you had But you'll leave this premises feeling ever so glad Everything is alright Or so it might seem But you'll wake up and you'll realize it was all just a dream It's only a matter of time before we can't keep up this act anymore And I'm jumping out this window And running for my life I've gotta find somewhere safe for me to hide I've gotta find anyway I can to make it out of here alive I can do everything with friends like these while your life just wastes away on all the constant bullshit you create


released September 23, 2012

Tracked and Mixed by Daniel Ernest and Mike Lester at EST Audio
Mastered by Glenn Schick


all rights reserved



LIKE MIKE Marietta, Georgia

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